The BLK Foundation aims to support underprivileged communities and grassroots community programs through education and encouragement of a healthy lifestyle through participation in sport.

The BLK Foundation (formerly known as the KooGa Foundation) was established in 2012 as part of BLK’s commitment to the Australian community. The Foundation provides a strategic and disciplined approach that harnesses the support being offered by BLK, its clients and corporate relationships. The Foundation uses its assets, provisions and resources to raise funds to support underprivileged communities and grassroots community programs. Funding is directed towards education and programmes that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle through sport.  

Donations The BLK Foundation is a Public Ancillary Fund and provides tax deductible receipts for all donations over $2. If you are interested in making a donation please contact the BLK Foundation c/o EWM Group on +61 3845 2900.

BLK Foundation objectives
The three main objectives are as follows: Maximise the Foundation’s resources and assets to expand support to underprivileged communities and grassroots community programs;

o    Engage BLK's partners, clients, staff, directors and ambassadors in the Foundation’s charitable efforts; and

o    Provide a vehicle for BLK and its founding family to implement their philanthropic and community goals.

o    The BLK Foundation supports projects and organisations with an eye to long term, sustainable success. The Foundation has identified the following three pillars which will receive the foundations full focus:  

Healthy Lifestyles & Sport Development:
o    supporting grassroots / community initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles
o    Support initiatives that create a ‘sense of community spirit’
o    Offer assistance to the development of technology in sport  

Indigenous Initiatives:
o    Aimed at improving the educational outcomes of Indigenous Australians across Australia using sport as the vehicle  

Special Causes:
o    provide support to initiatives recognising issues pertinent to particular regions or one off causes as deemed appropriate by the Foundation’s board The Foundation will look to support multiple organizations who meet the criteria mentioned above and who hold Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. Furthermore, through the BLK Foundation Charitable Trust, we will look to support community based projects and causes where the main objective meets one of the following:

o    The relief of poverty
o    The advancement of education
o    Other community purposes beneficial to the community

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