BLK International partners with TAKA Material & Systems Laboratory.

BLK International Pty Ltd are pleased to announce a new global partnership with TAKA Material & Systems Laboratory.

The deal will see TAKA ink technology used in BLK’s Australian and Fijian dye sublimation and direct to garment factories.

BLK’s mantra of Beyond Limits Known closely resembles TAKA’s brand tag line Beyond the Technology. It represents TAKA’s strong commitment to establish a platform of integrated technology and information beyond conventional limits, and to offer unprecedented technology and expression.

BLK CEO Tyron Brant said the partnership was a vital pillar of the company’s vision to push garment performance and quality Beyond Limits Known.

“Our shared passion for technology, innovation, performance and quality will be on display in all our custom made apparel”

Taka Material & Systems Laboratory Engineers began developing inkjet printer ink in 1985 when they worked for EPSON, which was the dawning stage of inkjet printer development.

For a period spanning nearly 30 years, the engineers have led the world as a pioneer in the inkjet ink industry, applying for over 200 patents during that time.

For more information about TAKA Material & Systems Laboratory please visit


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