Motion Knit Tee Mens Black

When it comes to performance and reaching beyond your limits, nothing should stand in your way, including your apparel. That’s why we’ve developed BLK Motion Knit – a seamless, lightweight option that lets you move as one with your apparel.

As an athlete you should focus on nothing more than reaching your peak performance. The combination of seamless construction and moisture wicking technology in our BLK Motion Knit removes all distraction. It enables free movement without moisture buildup and abrasion – the primary causes of chaffing and irritated skin – allowing you to maintain concentration and smash through both mental and physical limits.

Composition: 71% Nylon & 29% Polyester

Colour availability: Blue, Charcoal, Navy

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Motion Knit Tee Mens Black
  • Motion Knit Tee Mens Black

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  • Performance enhancing technology, purposeful design, guaranteed durability, superior comfort and fit.
  • Lightweight: Specialised fabric and garment construction to adapt to your body while in motion. Supports ease of movement with extra control
  • Moisture control: Fabric technology transports moisture away from the body to promote dryness and cooling.  
  • Seamless: Light with modest stretch for maximum comfort through any range of movement. 

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